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Automatic Door Installation

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Automatic Sectional Doors

A & T Doors Ltd specialises in residential and commercial sectional doors for residential or commercial properties. Our sectional overhead doors make for a great addition to any home or building, and we have more than 10 product lines and a variety of door designs.

One of our popular doors is part of the Classica Collection, a one-of-a-kind door that is made with three sections, instead of four. This results in a door that is more authentic looking and perfect for any home. This range of doors has their designs printed into the steel, which insures a permanent, high quality garage door design. You don’t have to worry about the design fading or shifting over time.

Automatic Doors Servicing

We also offer automatic doors servicing. Our automatic doors offer energy efficiency, as well as noise reduction properties with the help of CFC-free insulation options. This allows for the best garage door selection that is based on your unique needs and your specific location.

At A & T Doors Ltd we know that you want a door that is not only functional but also beautiful and versatile in the space you have. We find a door that fits in with the style and price you need, and provide you with professional installation services too.

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