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Loading Dock Equipment

A & T Doors Ltd specialises in loading dock equipment that are high quality and durable. Our loading dock products include a selection of air-powered, hydraulic and mechanical dock levelers, as well as vehicle restraints to improve safety by preventing trailer creep.

Our loading dock equipment also have built in integrated control systems that allow for effective communication, as well as dock seals and shelters. We also provide a full list of ergonomic lift tables. Our variety of dock levelers allow for the safe and efficient transfer of products, by reducing the gap between the trailer and the loading dock.

Integrated Control Systems

We also have HVLS (high volume, low speed) fans, that work by circulating the air to help keep employees comfortable and productive, while simultaneously reducing the warehouse’s energy costs. If you are looking for high quality lifting products, our in-plant lifts increase ergonomics and make loading docks completely accessible and safer in a variety of dock applications.

With our products, you can easily operate your loading dock equipment through one control panel, improving functionality, productivity, as well as environmental and security aspects. This is all done while saving on costs, making these products very cost effective.

For a wide variety of aftermarket loading dock equipment and accessories, there is no larger resource than our product list. Plus, our friendly team will help you choose the best loading dock equipment for your unique needs, that will fity our pocket too.

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