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Industrial Doors and Docking

A & T Doors Ltd specialises in high quality industrial doors and docking. We know just how important high quality doors are, which is why we provide doors that are attractive and functional. We offer an intelligent design and a smooth operation that reduces the risk of damage.

We have a range of strong, durable industrial doors that offer the best possible thermal insulation. This saves energy and increases the product life, which also results in a low cost of ownership. This means value for money, as our product is versatile, high quality and highly effective.

Variety of Options

Our industrial doors are available fully closed, or partly- or fully glazed. This gives you a variety of options and the ability to choose the best configuration for your specific needs. We also offer an improved hinge design, that bends internally and makes the door run smoother too.

In addition to this, our improved hinges are also steel coloured for a better overall look. This means you can get high quality industrial doors that are not only highly durable, but versatile as well.

Our docking products include dock shelters and dock levellers. They are designed specifically for business, making it much easier to load and unload. This is a quick and easy process with the right docking products, which is what A & T Doors Ltd specialises in.

If you are looking for high quality industrial doors and docking products, look no further. We provide sectional doors, door automation, dock levelers, dock shelters, and more. Our products are quality guaranteed and we can help you choose the best possible solution for your needs. 

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For more information about our industrial doors and docking products, phone 07774608971.